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art hack day
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urban lab
Vincent Appel
Nomenclature is a live visualization created for the BMW Guggenheim Lab during it's first leg of the tour in NYC. The project aims to capture words as they are spoken and document their frequency during a talk. The first time a certain word is spoken it appears on screen and grows each time it is repeated.
The words are captured with by participants noting down the words as they listen to the lecture. Both the interface and the overhead projection were built to specifically for this project.
Born out of a mutual interest in Sim City, Cities is digital city generated from your activity on twitter. Each building represents a unique tweet. All of the roads in Cities lead to the other cities you interact with most often. More direct messages mean more $trade$ and thus better roads. The first few images document the process and aesthetic of the project.
This final image is the city generated from our good friend @natalierachel's twitter account! Avery and I ironically weren't active on Twitter at the time.
spatial time
Time has been a normal bit of information associated with the data we produce. However now that mobile technology has really come to play a dominant role in how we upload on the go, we are getting geo information as well. Spatial time is the merger of the linear aspect of time combined with the plane of the map creating a 3 dimensional space where our content lives firmly anchored to specific coordinates.
All of the photos in the video were taken from my iphone and represent the first 5 months of me owning the device. The idea to do this representation came when I realized that there was additional geo-location was being recorded along with the image.
While working at Memolane, I got a small task to design a t-shirt for a wind-kiting competition in Denmark.
Email me at paul at captaindaylight dot com.
object memory
Walking home from a lecture one day I pulled out a wrapper for ginger candy from my coat pocket. I hadn't worn the jacket in about a month so it was in a way a time capsule. The ginger candy had a specific memory associated with it that rushed back to me immediately. So for the next two weeks I documented the mundane objects that we typically throw away but potentially have very significant meaning in the long-term.
Have a look through the first and second week of the experiment.
I'm just going to say I really enjoyed this project. It encompasses nicely everything that I like about coding. The process started with a very simple movement between two circles which creates an emergent "tentacle" if you chain enough of them together. Also, by merely changing certain parameters you the system remains the same but the result is different.
This next sketch is more for fun, I wanted to add some color to it.
pulse drip
sntehou natho eusnahto eusntha oeu
Often we take for granted the complexity of our bodies. The fact our hear, lungs, and mind all work in unison is truly a feat. Pulse drip is a device designed to focus our attention on our pulse. Two metal plates detect a user's pulse and drives the gears. With each of beat of your heart a drop of ink is released onto a sheet of paper. After 30 seconds the motors shut off and and the markings form a complete circle.
I will preface by admitting I have a penchant for circles. SO to no surprise when I came across an algorithm for fitting circles efficiently inside of other circles and couldn't resist. I took the results and used them in a sketch to test it out. Much of what I learned from this divergence was later applied to another of my projects, Quipu.
In pre-Columbian South America indigenous people used a documented messages not through writing but rope tying. This sophisticated system became the inspiration for a zoomable timeline. "Knots" are appended to a day according to emotion. As you zoom out, the level of detail diminishes and information is clumped together.
keep time
This was a fun project where we set out to make a stop motion short, but ended up making it appear in stop motion by cutting out around 75% of the frames. Nothing too complicated here, I just had to move VERY slowly...and I got lots of stares.
We tie specific units to lengths of time, but time is nebulous and in the eye of the beholder. Life is a sketch that frames duration and categorization in a from a new perspective way. The zoom allows for a recursive effect as one dives deeper into time.
gif drama
Typical comic books are constrained by the limitations of printing on paper. We envisioned what graphic novels could be built upon basic web techniques.
Inessah Selditz
Cristina Goyanes
Bean is our cat and a real shit head, but that's why we love him. My roommate Inessah found him getting off the subway and brought the little dude into our house. Here he is opening the refrigerator with his crazy feline street smarts. Eventually we had to get a child safety lock for the door.
Using only two simple inputs, a potentiometer and an button, I created a two player game with similarities to baseball. As in baseball there are innings in which the offense and defense switch turns. The defense in this game is the player holding the potentiometer and can regulate the speed of the circle going around. The player with the button has to time their "hit" just right in order to score a point.
Folders and files are one way to use a vernacular term to describe storage on a computer. However, what would the concept look like if it were derived with planets and orbits in mind?
INSTRUCTIONS: click and drag in the open space to scroll amongst the planets, then click on a planet to see all of the moons associated with it.
One of my many obsessions is to find peace and quiet, especially now that I'm living in NYC. It's hard to really call this a project since it is just an idea on paper, but it's something that is often on my mind. I'm searching for a method to filter out relevant noise and bring it to the front and eliminate the rest.
Trying to make cool things and keep my head above the water at the same time. That is a fake tattoo, but I'm for real.